Anti-corrosive treatments according to customer specifications or in accordance with the main International STDs.

The thirty years of experience of being able to boast a processing capacity on any type of “traditional” anticorrosive cycle is consolidated through the application of the following treatments:

  • Priming with inorganic zinc-based solvent or water;
  • Priming with epoxies;
  • Application of high thickness cycles in a single thermosetting coat;
  • Alkyl cycles;
  • Polyurethane cycles;
  • Acrylic cycles;
  • Urethane cycles;
  • Epoxy vinyl cycles;
  • Epoxy phenolic cycles;
  • Kiwa approved epoxy cycles without solvents for contact with drinking water;
  • Anti-reflective and soundproofing cycles;
  • Vinylester cycles with glass flake;
  • Polyester loops;
  • Cycles for naval treatments.

D5 Italia BI-MIX FS02 is at the top of the technology present on the market today. It is a two-component electric airless hydraulic piston pump, ratio 1.1, designed for the injection of all bi-component products in the field of waterproofing and structural strengthening in building renovations. The simplicity of pressure regulation allows to inject from low to high pressures without any problem.

The use of the equipment allows the application of pure polyurea-based products, free of solvents.

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